Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DJ Skee Presents "The Next Big Thing" Coming Soon!!!

My latest album/mixtape "The Next Big Thing" presented by DJ Skee will be available soon!!! It is currently being mastered, printed/pressed, and will also be available online shortly following completion. It has been 9 months in the making & lots of hours in numerous studios so I hope your ears enjoy the gift we will be blessing them with!

The entire album has been mixed by the multi grammy award winning Richard "Segal" Huredia, and features production by Chemist, Dontae Dynamite, Raz Russo, Tristan Krause, Kazmir Royale, Bloccboyz, and Terry Dee.

Stay tuned for more from Sean Fluent...

                                                   Sean Fluent & DJ Skee

With Terry Dee in the studio

Puttin in work!

Richerd "Segal" Huredia mixing records

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Angel In The Sky"

I have recently began shooting my first 2 music videos for "Angel In the Sky" & "Tonight." Both videos are being shot by Ryan Weight, and we have teamed up with Syndrome to direct "Tonight," and I myself along with Ryan Weight will be directing "Angel In the Sky," which is a tribute to my late friend & mentor Lil Chris Baker. Here is an exclusive sneak peak photo of "Angel In the Sky" coming soon!!!